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Special Event for mothers of Secondary School Girls: Lecture by Mrs Debbie Gross

27th March 2019

Shema Koli invites mothers of Secondary School girls to a lecture from international expert and award-winning speaker, Mrs Debbie Gross. She will be speaking on the topic of “Talking to your teenage daughters about ...

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UOHC Approve Shema Koli Safeguarding Workshops in Schools

18th March 2019

The Dayanim of the UOHC – Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations – give their approval for the Shema ...

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The Gateshead Rov on The Halachic Obligation of Reporting Abuse to Authorities

10th January 2017

Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, the Gateshead Rov, recently spoke about “The Halachic Obligation of Reporting ...

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